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Best Light Bulbs for Home [LED, CFL, Incandescent] Energy Efficient

Best Light Bulbs for Home | Cost Saving Energy Efficient [LED, CFL, Incandescent] Kill A Watt Meter

I tested the Watts consumed for the LED, CFL, and Incandescent Light Bulbs on a lamp using the Kill A Watt Meter.

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Sylvania Eco LED 60 Watt Light Bulbs

If you have on average 50 light bulbs in your home (bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, dining room, outside) and you switch them over to LED’s, you will see massive savings!

The clear winner and the one that will save you the most money is the LED bulb. Make sure to replace all of your light bulbs with the LED bulb in order to get the most energy-efficient and cost savings electricity bill.

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