How to Make MC4 Connectors for Solar Panels

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How to Make MC4 Connectors for Solar Panels

How To Make MC4 Solar Panel Connectors Crimp DIY Cable Tools

Learn How To Make MC4 Connectors for Solar Panels easily with the correct Crimp DIY Cable Adapter tools and battery Offgrid RV Camper setup.

Purchase all of the tools necessary to make MC4 connectors and crimp them

Determine which MC4 connector to attach to your cable leads

The positive wire and cable coming out of the solar panel is usually used to add the male end of the MC4 connector and the negative solar panel cable is where the female MC4 connector goes.

Make and Crimp a Female MC4 Connector

Now in order to make a female MC4 connector, you need to add and crimp on a male metal end to the copper cable.

Place the male metal end into your ratcheting wire crimpers and insert your exposed copper UV solar cable into the male metal end. Then you want to squeeze the crimpers fully until they release. Do a nice tug on the metal end and the cable in opposite directions to make sure that ti is securely fastened and crimped together.

You then want to disassemble a female MC4 connector by unscrewing the end cap. Then you want to insert the end cap, strain relief, and compression sleeve into the wire. You then want to slide the female MC4 connector into the body of the male metal pin until you feel and hear a clicking sound. Finally, go ahead and screw the end cap onto the end of the female MC4 connector.

Make and Crimp a Male MC4 Connector

In order to make a male MC4 connector, you want to do the same thing as before except with the opposite parts being crimped and connected. Crimp-on the female metal end to the copper exposed wire using your ratcheting tool. Unscrew the male MC4 connector and slide the end cap, strain relief, and compressions sleeve into the male metal end attached cable. Add the male MC4 connector and screw the bottom cap in place.