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Puerto Rico Solar Panel Install w/ Sunbeat 9.6 KW Lithium Battery Backup [Tesla Powerwall Rival]

This was a solar panel installation in Carolina, Puerto Rico where the customer was tired of having their LUMA electricity going out everyday. We installed a Tesla Powerwall Rival called Sunbeat.

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The customer wanted a battery backup that could keep the lights on and their appliances working when the whole neighborhood was out of electricity. We installed a 9.6 KW Sunbeat battery and inverter along with 10x 400watt solar panels that can produce a total of 4KW peak solar power output.

This will help them keep their AC working, their fridge running, their outlets functional and keep the lights on. When Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, the Puerto Rican residents were out of power for many months.

There has been a push recently to help install solar energy backup power to the homes here in order to prevent another electricity outage issue when the next natural disaster strikes. They want to move off-grid and be energy independent.

The Tesla Powerwall is another backup battery system that we do carry with Sunnova.

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